Google Hangout #1


Dorian was unable to host Meet Up #5 due to ongoing construction at his house so we ended up having our first Google Hangout. It was fun! So, I’m sure it won’t be our last.

Joshua (our newest attending member!) and I spent about an hour together and Jorge and Dennis joined us for a bit at the beginning and end, respectively.

Joshua showed me how to “Check Out” a Git repository into Xcode. It was awesome!

Joshua is an experienced designer and web developer but he is new to iOS, so I was able to show him a little bit about Swift and Xcode.

Jorge joined us from the road using the Hangouts Mobile app. Dennis and I chatted for a bit about his card game project his working on and readLine().

I think we need to find a new home for Learn Swift L.A. because we will soon out grow Dorian’s lovely home.

I met with Ryan from Rhubarb Studios (He attended meet up #3, if you recall). That place is awesome. Rhubarb might host us there soon, at least once. Its in the works!

I’ll post a video soon regarding “Checking Out” a Git Hub repo.